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8-Step Cure for Writer's Block

In school, you need to write. As a writer, you often need to be on topic, clear, and provide concrete details. Writing is a process, and sometimes you may get stuck. Maybe you have nothing new to write, or you may just be overwhelmed. Whatever the reason may be, don't worry. Here is an 8-step cure for writer's block.

  1. Tell yourself why you are stuck.

  2. Research the information you need to get unstuck.

  3. Find your writing style by reading another piece of writing with a style you like.

  4. Brainstorm key ideas.

  5. Write “imperfect” phrases.

  6. Start writing in the middle, and then write the beginning and ending after.

  7. Every time you are stuck, do 10 jumping jacks, and then return.

  8. Do not edit. You can do that later.

Write with your heart. Edit with your head.

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