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S.F. Bay Area Born and Bred Brand

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Brand Philosophy 

We are unique. We each have our own goals, interests, passions, and causes. At the same time, we believe we are interconnected. The universe is a great jigsaw puzzle, and each of us contains a special piece. Beyond our color, shape, size, thoughts, feelings or actions, what connects us most is what we all usually have in common: our hearts, minds, and moral compass. In the midst of world problems and global issues, our mission is to be there for young people so that when they need inspiration, something they saw, learned, or experienced from BuzzingBOTS will help them find their way.


Before BuzzingBOTS was founded, Kristine Tsung graduated from the architecture program at UC Berkeley. Her desire to improve herself and the world through using universal design principles led her to meet Feng Shui Master Steven Post at his Secrets of Wealth seminar in San Francisco in 2005. Since then, Steven has guided her in various projects, including BuzzingBOTS. Originally, BuzzingBOTS achieved representation from top-tier licensing agencies worldwide in 2012 and was showcased at licensing shows throughout North America and East Asia. In 2016, BuzzingBOTS took a break from licensing shows temporarily, and Kristine went back to school to earn her masters in education and teaching credential. In more recent years, Kristine has developed BuzzingBOTS into an educational brand that engages students with school. 


2009 Semi-Finalist Santa Clara B-Plan Competition

2009 Winner of Big Success Business Pitch Contest 

2009 Interviewed on CBS TV 

2012 Represented at Licensing Shows in the USA and East Asia 

2017 Champion Against Bullying at PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center, Students with Solutions 

2021 Featured in IDEO Education Solutions Exchange, USC Rossier Center EDGE 

2022 Signed a Representation Agreement with ZenWorks in East Asian Territories 




Kristine Tsung is a design thinker, public school teacher, and the Chief Creator of BuzzingBOTS. She was born in California and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her love for friendly, colorful and cute characters stems from watching television shows and cartoon brands during her childhood. Today, Kristine uses BuzzingBOTS to build a safe space for her students and to engage them with school. She wants BuzzingBOTS to be a positive presence in the world for young people. 


Steven Post is the Chief Advisor of BuzzingBOTS. The first Feng Shui Master teacher and consultant in the United States, he co-created and administered the BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program, created at the request of his mentor and master, H.H. Prof. Lin Yun from 1985-2021. Steven is the author of the renowned The Modern Book of Feng Shui (Dell, 1998). Appointed by Grand Master George Xu as senior Instructor W.A.C.I.M.A. (World Association of Chinese Internal Martial Arts), Steven is also a founding board member of Sacred Sites International Foundation. He served for 50 years as a fire lookout on Mt. Tamalpais, Marin County, CA. Steven’s devotion to connect nature and self nature, bring universal principles to problem solving, connect with our ‘bigger selves’, and use Feng Shui and inner development for wish fulfillment and spiritual education, remain at the core of his life and work.

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