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Buzzing refers to sound, or hearing something new and exciting. BOTS refers to spreading news or information visually and virtually. BuzzingBOTS is a visual model, representing us as different pieces of a puzzle. This includes our different ideas, views, passions, interests, goals, thoughts, feelings, skills, causes, and education.


BuzzingBOTS is based on the philosophy “Indra’s Net,” a net of multifaceted jewels, in which each jewel is reflected in the other jewels, to describe the interconnectedness of the universe. We believe everyone and everything is interconnected in the web of life. One person might be a player on the soccer team. Another person might be a member of the debate club. Others might volunteer to clean the environment. Everyone has a different role. At the same time, in order to make the world better, it's up to all of us. 


In order to make social change, you don’t necessarily have to start globally. You can start locally at home. You can start with an act of kindness, however large or small, or a creative project. If you need some ideas where to begin, join BuzzingBOTS.